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Here at TSS Hosting we pride ourselves in being a bit 'off the wall'. So, to this end we are offering a very rare type of webhosting.

Let me ask you, how many times have you scoured the 'net looking for a simple hosting solution for your own blog?

My guess is you found many conflicting and confusing offers, all of which were either too complicated or too expensive.

So here at TSS-Hosting we decided to put together a simple solution especially for YOU!

We are internet marketers ourselves and we understand the needs of our clients.

You too could have a top professional website like this one, and all the hard work is already done for you!

We put our heads together and came up with a sensibly priced solution to the 'cheap blog hosting' problem, PLUS we also added an affiliate system which allows you to actually make money by simply telling your friends about our Unique Service!

This means that, not only can you host your blog here, by simply refering a few of your friends you can actually receive your own Hosting for "FREE". Yes YOUR own hosting fees can be paid by earning easy commissions, just by recommending the very same package to your friends and/or mailing list.

Here's what you you will receive when you sign up for our "Simple TSS-Hosting Package".

A fully maintained host service for your blog

A FREE domain name (your choice www.yourdomain.com etc). Use our free domain-finder tool

The latest Wordpress blog already installed and SEO optimized for you.
Five unique themes pre-installed for you to choose from.
Full access to your own Cpanel. Includes full video, easy to follow training videos which even newbies can follow.
A very generous bandwidth allowance.
The ability to upload your own images and themes.
Complete access to the latest Fantastico which allows you to intall many other pre-configured applications at no additional cost.

Hi Geoff & Bruce,

I just had to write you guys a quick note to let you know how great your service is from a customers point of view.

I have tried several other micro-hosting sites (who shall remain nameless in their shame). None have come even close to the level of service or quality of hosting that you have provided.

The niche themes you supply are fantastic, and the fact that you pre-installed my blog for me was a bonus too. It saved me time and headache :)

Not only that, but the amount of useful plugins I found ready installed and just waiting for me to activate was both stunning and unexpectedly generous!

Thank you guys.
Anthony L.
Nikomas, FL

By now you're probably wondering how much this comprehensive package, and personal service from a team of experts is going to be. That will be explained in a moment, but don't worry, you won't need to take out a third mortgage or sell your granny to cover the fees. Far from it!

Let me first of all impress upon you that this is not some low-quality hosting which we are offering. You will have the assurance of your blog being accessible at any time. Not just your blog either. You will have access to all the services of a major hosting company, but at a fraction of the cost.

Also, as you have already seen, we offer a feature-packed list of facilities at no extra cost. This is because we feel it is our duty to 'over-deliver'.

Because of our compulsion to give you more and more, you will be benefiting from;


Your Own exclusive Domain name, which ensures maximim public awareness of YOUR Name, Product or Service.

A Hosting company that is happy to help you expand your business, In these difficult times we simplify things for you, giving you complete ease of mind.

Your Fully Installed Wordpress blog will always be the latest version. This ensures that your blog will always operate at optimal performance.

We Search for and implement the best traffic-sucking plugins available. This ensures that YOU Have more time to do the important things.

The Most Up-to-Date themes always available for your website at the touch of a button to save you Even more time.

Our Starter package has everything you will need to ensure Your Business will grow.

Need additional Help? We have An impressive list of bonus downloads available at Minimal Cost. (Gold Upgrade Package Available inside).

Immediate access to our feature-packed private members area, with Marketing tools, Instructional Training Videos, and Built-in affiliate program where you can earn an additional stream of "real" income.

You will receive everything listed above for an incredible value packed price of just $12.95 per month. That's less than $156 per year**.

This is even more amazing value when you consider that this includes a professionally installed WordPress Blog complete with an amazing set of traffic-sucking plugins pre-installed ready to use!

Go Monthly.

Save $$$, Go annual!

If you understand the nature of Blogging and the potential for income generation that a well Constructed Blog can bring you, then you'll realize that longevity is the key.

With This in mind we decided to introduced our matchless "Annual Package", for a short period only !

You will receive everything mentioned above for just $100 per year, and Yes ! We have gone completely crazy and waived the intial set up Fee...

Thats an Amazing saving of $105.35 in your first year alone !!

Get Your Annual Pass NOW By Clicking BELOW before we have to Increase the Price!

Or Go Annual And Save.

You want more? Ok, here, you get this too!

20 FTP Accounts. (To upload your files with)

50 Email Accounts that you can personalize yourself.

20 Email Lists to help you grow your business.

50 SQL Databases to handle your applications.

10 Add-on Domains. (any-other-domain1.com, some-domain2.com e.g.)

Unlimited Sub-Domains. (example1.your-domain.com example2.your-domain.com e.g.)

Full CGI Access. Many applications require this to be able to function.

And that's not all!

When you sign up for your blog hosting package with us at TSS Hosting you become a member of an exclusive band of affiliates.

As soon as you sign up you will receive your very own affiliate ID. Our affilate program enables you recommend our services to your friends, collegues,or downline members. But you won't be doing this for nothing, oh no!!

For every referred sign up you make as an affiliate, you will receive a full 40% Per referral, each and every month that the referral remains a customer!

So you see, once you have just three referrals sign up from one of your affiliate links, your own fees will be covered! Not bad, eh?

So, just go ahead and use the domain-finder below..
(spend time thinking about this, your name is crucial to your success), jot down your top three choices, then come back here immediately, hit the order now button to reserve your own Unique domain name and let us create you own Income generating presence on the World Wide Web.

Go Monthly.

Or Go Annual And Save.

*Initial set is usually completed Within 24 hours of receiving your payment, you will be notified of your logins for your Cpanel and blog.

*Hosting set-up costs are Non Refundable

** (Plus a once only initial set up cost of $49.95 = First year total $205.35)